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Children experience fears about the Internet, but remain well informed

According to a survey by Kaspersky Lab in the Benelux, 96% of youngsters aged 10 to 15 experience a feeling of anxiety when they use the Internet. 

The greatest fear for 45% of them is to post some form of content online that might prejudice their search for a job in the future. In the same way, 42% of them worry about content remaining available online, even after it has been deleted. Finally, more than 30% are afraid of having to deal with inappropriate conduct by someone they don’t know online. 

So cautiousness is characteristic of these children, who appear to be better informed and supervised than one might think: only 3% say that they have never established rules with their parents with regard to using the Internet. 15.5% of them also have regular conversations on the topic with their family.

However, there’s a flipside to the coin: 31.5% of children think that they are able to do without parental supervision on their tablet or smartphone, and 83% of them theoretically believe they are able to hide their online activity from their parents.