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Two-step verification not used enough

According to a recent report from Google, only 10% of Gmail users bother to use the two-step verification function. Which is a very small number compared with the benefits that using this option provides.

Two-step verification is a simple and effective way of protecting your account in addition to just your password alone. Two-step means that you have a second layer of security for your data. The interest of two-step verification lies in the fact that you use a device that you have physically with you for the second step.

So, for example, each time an attempt is made to connect to your account, you can ask for a 4-digit confirmation code to be sent to your phone. This is a very effective way of countering hackers who may have succeeded in cracking your password: because they don’t have access to your phone, they can’t go any further.

To activate two-step verification for Google services, visit this link and click on “First Steps” at the top of the page.

Lots of other online service-providers also offer this two-step option, including Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Microsoft.