Protection de la vie privée

Be Cyber Smart

Share with Care

Protecting yourself and your online reputation

Parents understand how early digital mistakes can do lasting damage to someone’s reputation. But it can be harder to convince pre-teens that a seemingly harmless post today could be misunderstood or viewed by people the post wasn’t intended for. Now and in the future. 

The activities below use practical examples to teach children how to maintain a positive online reputation by maintaining their privacy and managing their personal information themselves. 


When not to share
Keeping it private
Mindful Mountain


Create and manage a positive reputation online.

Respect the privacy boundaries of others.

Understand and manage your ‘digital footprint’.

Dare to ask a person you trust to help deal with sticky situations.


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Online privacy

A broad term that usually means the ability to control what information you share about yourself online and who can see and share it.

Digital footprint

Your digital footprint is all the information about you that appears online. This can mean anything from photos, audio, videos, and texts to “likes” and comments you post on friendsʼ profiles. Just as your footsteps leave prints on the ground while you walk, what you post online leaves a trail as well.


The ideas, opinions, impressions, or beliefs that other people have about you; something that you can’t be totally sure about but that you usually want to be positive or good.

Personal information

Information that identifies a specific person – for example, your name, street address, phone number, Social Security number, email address, etc. – is called personal (or sensitive) info. Really think carefully before sharing this kind of information online.


Sharing too much online – usually this is about sharing too much personal information or just too much about yourself in a certain situation or conversation online.


This is the area in any digital product, app, website, etc., where you can define or adjust what you share and how your account is handled – including your privacy settings.