Protection de la vie privée

Terms and conditions for the use of the Cybersimple website


1. (“the website”) is an information website about the safe use of the Internet for consumers in Belgium. This site was created through the collaboration between Google and the consumer organisation Test-Achats.

2. Various other organisations support this initiative and some of them have used their expertise in the matter to contribute to the content of the site. However, the organisations mentioned in the paragraph above retain ultimate responsibility for the content.

3. The content of is protected by copyright and hence may not be reproduced or reused without the consent of the author. The copyright holder is Test-Achats, unless stated otherwise for certain sections of the website.

4. Reuse of the content of the website for commercial purposes of any kind is forbidden in all cases.

5. Test-Achats and its partners may, at any time and without prior notice to users, make changes to the structure, design, content and terms and conditions of use of


6. Test-Achats and its partners undertake to make every reasonable effort to keep the website available and to resolve any technical difficulties within a reasonable period of time. However, they are unable to guarantee this under all circumstances and cannot be held liable for any financial consequences that may arise therefrom.

7. Test-Achats and its partners pay a great deal of attention to the content of the information published on The website will be updated regularly, but given the speed with which developments occur in the topic dealt with, they are unable to give a guarantee that the information on this site is entirely correct or complete at all times.

8. Specifically, Test-Achats and its partners cannot be held liable for any damage that arises from the careless or incomplete application of the advice, tips, recommendations and other elements of the content published on the website.

9. Insofar as contributions from third parties (non-partner organisations) are also published on, Test-Achats and its partners can also not be held liable for this content. They also reserve the right to refuse or remove such contributions. A complaint will be lodged with third parties who intend to use the website for criminal, unethical or improper purposes, such as the spreading of viruses and other malware, or the placement of hate-related or xenophobic messages.

10. It is also possible that Test-Achats and its partners may insert hyperlinks in the content to other websites that may be of interest for the user. It goes without saying that Test-Achats and its partners are not liable for the content of these websites.


11. In the event of disputes, the courts in Belgium shall have sole jurisdiction and Belgian law alone shall apply.