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6/05/21 - Accounts

World Password Day: time to change the locks to your accounts!

Today, 6th May 2021, is World Password Day. A great opportunity for you to change your password, make it harder for others to...

28/04/21 - Phishing

Youngsters don’t know enough about phishing

Cybercriminals have been very cunning in taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis, using phishing techniques to try and...

26/04/21 - Devices

How to avoid the WhatsApp Pink virus

Keep an eye out for a new virus that’s spreading via WhatsApp on Android devices: WhatsApp Pink isn’t a makeover changing the...

17/02/21 - Browsing

European consumer organisations file complaint on TikTok

Test Aankoop/Test Achats, together with BEUC and 16 other European consumer organisations, have lodged a formal complaint...


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