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15/12/21 - Browsing

Online quiz makes youngsters aware of scams

Making youngsters aged 12 to 16 less likely to be scammed by online fraudsters. That’s the aim of “Spot the Scam”, a new...

5/11/21 - Phishing

Belgians feel unsafe on the Internet

Each year, the Unisys Security Index gauges the feeling of safety experienced by citizens in 11 countries. In 2021, the...

27/10/21 - Accounts

Don’t fall for fake profiles on dating sites and social media

Looking for a date or friendship online? There’s nothing wrong with looking on dating site or app, is there. Or is there?...

18/08/21 - Kidsafety

Google introduces new security rules for children

Google is introducing new measures designed to boost the security of underage users when they’re online, particularly in terms...

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