Protection de la vie privée

Child Focus launches new Roblox game aimed at combating sexual predators

To warn children about the dangers of online sexual predators, Child Focus has launched a new video game called “OK Groomer” on the Roblox platform. 

This game presents a succession of small challenges that are designed to teach children and teenagers about the strategies used by ill-intentioned people, as well as how to react effectively if they need to protect themselves. Child Focus says that it will be able to update the game in the future to adjust to future predator tactics.

In the game, a virtual guide gives players tips on how to spot online “groomers” – i.e. individuals who try to build a trusting relationship with minors. Child Focus invites parents to try their hand at gaming with their children.

To find out how to proceed with installing Roblox and playing “OK Groomer”, visit the Child Focus website. Also, if you or your children come across any images of sexual abuse of minors on the web, you can report them (anonymously) to the Child Focus contact point.