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Parents worry most about the amount of time children spend on their screens

Children are using devices such as smartphones and tablets from the age of two and a half. And figures from MediaNest show that finding the right balance between time spent with or without a screen is a major challenge for many parents. For this survey, 500 parents were questioned about screen usage by their children (aged 0 to 7).

Use of media

  • Television is still the most frequently used medium (84%).
  • Tablets and smartphones are also popular: 60% of respondents said that their children enjoy using them.
  • Most popular activities: watching videos (80%) and listening to music (59%).
  • Most popular application: YouTube.

Concern about time spent in front of screens
When questioned about their concerns, it was apparent that...

  • Parents are worried mainly about the time their child(ren) spend in front of screens.
  • Almost four parents out of ten want to prevent their child(ren) coming across inappropriate content.
  • But... not everyone knows exactly how to do it.

How do parents protect their children against inappropriate content?

  • 96% of them keep an eye on things.
  • 79% of them choose applications or websites that have suitable content for children.
  • Around 60% look with the child for appropriate applications or set an age limit, wherever possible.

Other striking conclusions from the survey:

  • Only one person in five is concerned about protecting the privacy of their children.
  • Their greatest concern on this topic: “Is it normal for there to be photos of my child online?”

Opinions that clearly agree
Nearly all of the people surveyed thought that a good balance between time spent with and without a screen is very important.

  • 92% of parents clearly agree with their child(ren) about their use of screens.
  • However... setting a good example is not always so easy: 70% say that they don’t manage to do so.

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