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Belgians feel unsafe on the Internet

Each year, the Unisys Security Index gauges the feeling of safety experienced by citizens in 11 countries. In 2021, the concerns of people in Belgium surveyed about every category of the Index declined – except when it comes to Internet security.

This year, 1000 Belgians took part in the survey, which included questions about personal, financial, national and digital security. Belgium is one of the few countries where the overall index has fallen, despite the many insecurities resulting from the coronavirus crisis. However, just one category did not fall – the category for Internet security.

Poor knowledge about the problems involved

Despite the fact that cyber-attacks on large companies crop up regularly in the news and although working from home has made people more aware and concerned about their online security, Belgians are still not very aware of the threats that face them.

As a result, the feeling of insecurity does not seem to be related to people having better knowledge of cyber-attacks – on the contrary, in fact. The figures speak for themselves:

  • More than half (52%) of respondents do not know about smishing (phishing using a text message - SMiShing).
  • More than four-fifths (86%) do not know that their SIM card could be hacked and hence that their telephone number can be stolen and used by fraudsters.
  • A little over half (53%) are as careful on their smartphone as they are on their laptop of computer when it comes to protecting their personal and financial details.
  • Three-quarters of respondents (76%) do not know where to go to for help if they are the victim of a cyber-attack (if it happens to you, you can go to the FPS Economy reporting point for assistance).

Keep yourself well informed

As an Internet user, it is vitally important to keep up with developments in online safety and security. You also need to know how to recognise threats in good time. You can view the various sections on Cybersimple and increase your chances of responding effectively to a range of cyber-threats, such as phishing and viruses.

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