Protection de la vie privée

Major flaw in processors: update your devices

It was revealed at the beginning of 2018 that the processors used in almost all PCs and smartphones are threatened by a serious security flaw that endangers the data and privacy of millions of users.

This weak point is present in almost all high-performance processors made by Intel, AMD and ARM, as well as in operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS) and the peripherals used by these microprocessors.

What are the risks?

There are two security problems involved: Meltdown and Spectre. The first occurs only in Intel processors, while the second is in all Intel, AMD and ARM processors.

These bugs enable hackers to steal sensitive data (bank details, passwords, user names, etc.) stored in the heart of the processors. And that’s what endangers your privacy.

Have I been affected?

The answer is probably ‘yes’! The list of processors, operating systems and peripherals involved is a very long one. You can view the full list on this website (click on “Next page” at the bottom to go on to the next category).

Is there a solution?

While awaiting a permanent solution from the chip manufacturers, patches (security updates) have been rolled out to limit the risks.

What can I do?

The only thing you can do is reduce the risk by updating your software with the patch offered. Microsoft, Apple and Google are already working on possible alternatives.

Remember to keep your antivirus software, browser and all your other software up to date. And always be careful when you are downloading something online.