Protection de la vie privée helps you tackle ransomware

The website is an initiative by the Dutch police in conjunction with Kaspersky, Europol and Intel. Several countries have also joined this coalition, including Belgium in April 2017.

The project has already helped over 10,000 victims of ransomware, a booming form of malware that blocks access to your data and only gives you the key to decrypt your files in exchange for a ransom (usually a few hundred euros).
According to the Kaspersky security corporation, ransomware is developing in Belgium at an alarming rate: between 2015 and 2016, this type of attack has multiplied by 22, rising from 275 to 6,261 cases.

In addition to a personalised assistance service designed to overcome the encryption keys of ransomware, NoMoreRansom also provides preventative advice. As always, when facing this type of malware, prevention is better than cure.