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Online quiz makes youngsters aware of scams

Making youngsters aged 12 to 16 less likely to be scammed by online fraudsters. That’s the aim of “Spot the Scam”, a new campaign from FPS Economy.

It’s not just adults who get caught out by phishing scams, suspicious websites and other malicious practices on the Internet. Young users are also an attractive target for fraudsters, because they spend so much time online – and especially on social media. provides an entertaining way of teaching youngsters to identify and guard against all sorts of different scams. And anyone who has already been a victim of online scams can also report them directly on this website. 

To reach its young audience, the campaign uses popular influencers such as Aaron De Groeve and Thomas Van Achteren, who share their personal experiences and give practical tips about going online safely via TikTok and Instagram.

Together for a safer Internet for youngsters

In addition to scams, young Internet users also have to deal with issues such as cyberbullying, online “challenges”, grooming and so on. Find out how you as a parent can stay involved with your child’s online activities and what to do if your teenager has the misfortune to fall victim to something nasty online. Youngsters who experience problems online can go directly to, where they’ll find help from people their own age, as well as from fraud specialists.